About SOM.

Modern medicinal practice is rapidly moving away from a disease-based model toward disease prevention and health optimisation.

The Australian Government recognises that disease prevention and early intervention is the only efficient and cost effective way of improving the general health of Australians.

Our team of experienced Osteopaths will engineer the changes in your body’s function to alleviate your discomfort and return you to optimum health.

SOM Mission Statement

Sydney Osteopathic Medicine’s goal is to provide our patients with quality health care using a friendly and down to earth approach to Osteopathy. We strive to make our treatment sessions positive and energetic and give our patients advice like they were our own family.

We help get you back to optimum health and keep you there. If you’re suffering pain anywhere in your body give as a call on (02) 9233 2788 and make an appointment. We’re located on Pitt Street, right in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Osteopathic techniques used to heal the body