Recovery Process

After your initial consultation your osteopath will recommend a management plan for your recovery. To help you understand what to expect over the course of your treatment here is a simple example of how your recovery might work; Stage 1– Acute Care You are treated by your Osteopath 2 times per week. This part of […]

Osteopathic techniques used to heal the body

Osteopathic Management for Acute Neck Pain

Acute neck pain is no picnic! Just about everyone has had that ‘pain in the neck’ at some point in their life. When it happens, it can make life hugely miserable until it goes away. People who experience it often find that it suddenly comes on without warning and can be quite painful for several […]

Osteopathic Pain Management

The primary objective of osteopathic pain management is to develop the patient’s maximum physical, social, psychological and vocational well-being. At Sydney Osteopathic Medicine, pain management is integrated with rehabilitation, which not only focuses on ‘pain relief‘ but amplifies the focus on ‘return to optimal human function’. Our aim is to reduce or minimize medication dependency […]

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What can I do about my low back pain?

International guidelines for the treatment of back pain make the following recommendations (which we agree with): consult a health professional trained in the management of low back pain try to keep active and act as usual use simple analgesics (like paracetamol or ibuprofen) following the instructions on the packet and on the advice of your […]

Pain Referred From Your Neck

Sometimes, neck pain can refer to other parts of the body, most frequently to the head, shoulders, between the shoulder blades & behind the eyes. Referred neck pain is, indeed, a common cause of headaches. This pain is directly caused mechanical changes to the neck. Neck pain with radicular symptoms down the arm is where […]

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Disc Related Low Back Pain

Internal Disc Disruption (IDD) is minor damage to a disc, it is known as one of the most common causes of lower back pain. IDD accounts for around 40% to 50% of lower back pain. A number of factors can cause damage to the disc, ranging from the degenerative nature of this disc itself to […]

Low Back Pain

Back pain can be complicated – not only because pain can be hard to work out – but also because there are so many different opinions about back pain. And when you’re faced with a situation like this, you need to first start with the facts. Where do people feel ‘low back pain’? In their […]