The city is coming back to life!

Here at Sydney Osteopathic Medicine, we have been open since the COVID lockdown, so we have certainly seen the changing face of the CBD in recent months. It is exciting to see the vibrancy start returning to our city streets.

As restrictions ease, businesses are starting their return to work preparations as they plan how and when they will bring their staff back to the office

Our practitioners at Sydney Osteopathic Medicine are still open across the week. We are maintaining the highest levels of sanitization & cleanliness for you.

We also want to make sure that our reception services and appointment availabilities are organised to ensure we are able to meet your needs as you organise your time back into the city.

If you have a minute, please help us with a very short (completely anonymous) survey and let us know when your company is starting to bring you back into the office and how we can best serve you as we work in the new normal.

Thank you!

Cliff, Peter, Luke, and Jerome

A Super Quick Survey