Our Osteopaths.

Clifford Avery

Clifford Avery is an internationally trained and accredited Osteopath who has been in practice for 20 years, earning his qualifications at The British School of Osteopathy. Cliff’s experience comes from treating a wide variety of people including Office Workers, Mum’s and Babies, Students as well as Dancers and Performers of the London’s Royal Opera House and Sydney Opera House, Olympic Athletes, Professional Sports People and Celebrities. Cliff specialises in treating people suffering from acute and chronic back pain, whiplash injuries, coccydynia, headache and migraines as well as treating many other conditions such as breathing difficulties, anxiety and tension disorders.

With his extensive experience in pain management Cliff enjoys working with individuals that have been unsuccessful with other treatment modalities. His treatment philosophy is that pain in the body is a natural indicator of discontent and dysfunction. He identifies and treats the underlying cause of the problem, rather than simply treating the symptoms to achieve a more satisfactory result. Cliff is highly committed to perfecting his skills by continuing both Australian and International postgraduate training, keeping up to date with the latest International advances in Osteopathic Treatment. His caring and holistic approach to Osteopathy is supported by boundless energy and an infectious sense of humour.

Peter Green

Peter completed his Bachelor of Science from UNSW in 1986 his Graduate Diploma of Osteopathy from the International College of Osteopathy in 1988. Peter’s influence over the last 25 years has been expansive and prestigious. He has worked across a number of specialised areas, in performance injuries, prenatal care, chronic pain management and rehabilitation, and industry developement and education, where he has taught broadly and been published.

Peter has worked in the dance injury area with Sydney dance Company, Australian Choreographic Ensemble and Bangarra Dance Theatre, Opera Australia and the Sydney festival. In addition to osteopathic treatment he has worked as a planning and management consultant and, from 1991 was on the Board of the Australian Choreographic Ensemble.

Peter has worked with continuing education at the professional association level and went on to write the the course document for the undergraduate/Masters Osteopathic program at University of Western Sydney, which he then assisted in establishing. In 2002 Peter was nominated ministerial appointment for education on the Osteopaths Registration Board of NSW. Today Peter continues his teaching and education role in the private sector alongside his work at Sydney Osteopathic Medicine and his other clinic in Bondi Junction.

Luke Rickards

Luke commenced his career in allied health care as an acupuncture and Chinese medicine practitioner. His practice quickly led to a focus on neuromusculoskeletal pain and he subsequently completed a Bachelor and Masters degree in Osteopathy.

Luke’s early participation in clinical research led to strong regard for the value of science-based medicine in informing health care practice. He has been especially influenced by advances in neuroscience and our growing understanding of the interactions between biological, psychological and social factors in determining both health and recovery from illness. Luke has been involved in health professional regulation and practice standards development at both the state and national level, and the scientific advisory panel for Chronic Pain Australia. He has published several research papers, articles and a book chapter on manual therapy treatments for neuromusculoskeletal pain and acts as a peer-reviewer for two international medical journals.

In his clinical practice, Luke has a particular enthusiasm for helping people suffering from chronic, persistent musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain, including chronic spinal disc issues, persistent postural strain, headache and migraine, nerve injuries, and TMJ disorders. He also has significant experience with acute exercise-related joint injuries, especially in yoga practitioners, dancers, and weights/gym trainers. His approach is patient-centered, with a focus on education to help people take control of their own recovery.