Our Practitioners

Clifford Avery


Clifford Avery is an internationally trained and accredited Osteopath who is Owner & Principle Practitioner of Sydney Osteopathic Medicine.  Cliff qualified in London, 1994 at The British School of Osteopathy. Cliff’s experience comes from treating a wide variety of people including Office Workers, Mum’s and Babies, Students as well as Dancers and Performers of the London’s Royal Opera House and Sydney Opera House, Olympic Athletes, Professional Sports People and Celebrities. Cliff specialises in treating people suffering from acute and chronic back pain, whiplash injuries, coccydynia, headache and migraines as well as treating many other conditions such as breathing difficulties, anxiety and tension disorders.

With his extensive experience in pain management Cliff enjoys working with individuals that have been unsuccessful with other treatment modalities. As well as Osteopathy Cliff is also accredited in Dry Needling & Shockwave Therapy treatment.  His treatment philosophy is that pain in the body is a natural indicator of discontent and dysfunction. He identifies and treats the underlying cause of the problem, rather than simply treating the symptoms to achieve a more satisfactory result. Cliff is highly committed to perfecting his skills by continuing both Australian and International postgraduate training and keeping up to date with the latest International advances in Osteopathic Treatment. His caring and holistic approach to Osteopathy is supported by boundless energy and an infectious sense of humour.

Peter Green


Peter has been working as an osteopath for over 25 years having graduated from University of NSW and The International College of Osteopathy. He is the founding principal of 2 clinics, Harley Place Health in Bondi Junction and Sydney Osteopathic Medicine In the Sydney CBD.

Peter’s influence over his career has been expansive and prestigious. He has worked across a number of specialised areas, in particular, the performing arts and in the area of continuing industry development and education.

Peter has worked with continuing education within his professional association and went on to write the course for the undergraduate medical science and professional clinical Masters program in Osteopathy at the University of Western Sydney, which he assisted in establishing. In 2002 Peter was nominated as the ministerial appointment for education on the Osteopaths Registration Board of NSW.

Focusing for many years on performance art injuries, Peter worked as a consultant osteopath for the Sydney Dance Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Australian Choreographic Ensemble, Opera Australia and the Sydney Festival. Peter worked with many of these organisations as a planning and injury management consultant and from 1991 was on the board of the Australian Choreographic Ensemble. In 1993, he worked as the consultant osteopath on the movie Strictly Ballroom. He has gone on to work with the cast and crew of many other movies filmed both internationally and locally in addition to consulting on numerous visiting live shows.

Peter has also specialised in the area of prenatal care. He has successfully treated many of the problems associated with pregnancy including the treatment of back and limb pain in pregnancy, the turning of posterior and breach babies and helped women with overdue babies. He has taught broadly and been published in this area.

In his city practice, Peter has worked significantly in the area of chronic pain and with pain and loss of movement associated with postural strain and sedentary office professions. He has developed a significant practice in treating chronic postural pain conditions and advising in ergonomic design and compensatory movement exercise programs.

Peter has a hands-on approach to clinical practice in dealing with the broad range of pain and movement problems. He is able to explain and educate people in understanding the issues behind their pain and also integrates movement and exercise routines that can be easily managed into daily schedules. Peter’s practice combines years of ‘hands-on’ clinical and palpatory experience with an extensive understanding of the current body of knowledge in the area of manual medicine, movement, pain science, wellness and health.

Jerome Smith


Originally from the UK, Jerome completed his undergraduate training at the British School of Osteopathy in London and has since practiced as an osteopath in Australia for 10 years. He is currently recognised as an Extended Practice Osteopath in the field of Sports Management by Osteopathy Australia.

Jerome has been fortunate to work with athletes in a wide variety of sports including football, rugby, powerlifting, athletics, gymnastics, rowing, tennis, golf and Irish dancing. He was previously team osteopath for ACT Capital Premier League and National Premier League Women’s football clubs in Canberra and has since gone on to complete a Diploma in Football Medicine through FIFA. He also holds qualifications in advanced dry needling and strength and conditioning coaching.

As a keen runner, he has a particular interest in running injuries and running injury prevention. You can read his article Low Back Pain in Distance Runners published on Physiopedia.

Outside of sport, Jerome has also provided post-operative rehabilitation at the Canberra Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CAPS) Clinic and provided pre-injury screening for the Australian Federal Police College. He has also worked closely with GPs and orthodontists in the team-based management of jaw pain and migraine headache.

Today he brings his experience to the ‘everyday athletes’ of Sydney, helping people in the active Sydney community move better, get stronger and stay pain-free.

His approach combines hands-on osteopathic treatment with dry needling, shockwave therapy and evidence-based sports injury management, focussing particularly on athlete wellbeing, education and prevention.


  • Master of Osteopathy (M.Ost) (2012)
  • GEMt Level 3 Advanced Dry Needling (2016)
  • FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine (2018)
  • ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning (2018)
  • Osteopathy Australia Sports Extended Practitioner (2023)