After your initial consultation your osteopath will recommend a management plan for your recovery. To help you understand what to expect over the course of your treatment here is a simple example of how your recovery might work;

Stage 1– Acute Care

You are treated by your Osteopath 2 times per week. This part of the treatment plan is specific and focuses on relieving the initial condition and providing relief to immediate pain.

Stage 2 – Recovery

You are treated by your Osteopath 1 time per week and rehabilitation exercises may form part of this process. Whilst the treatment is still very specific to the immediate condition this part of the plan ensures you are on track with your recovery.

Stage 3 –Maintenance

You are treated by your Osteopath 1 time per month and rehabilitation exercise may form part of this process. During this stage, your Osteopath’s treatment objectives will be more broadly focused on a whole body approach to your healing and your treatment plan will be tailored toward the prevention of your condition recurring.

Boosting Recovery

Once your osteopathic treatment has reached stage 2 of the recovery process it may be necessary to maintain and improve your body’s health through preventative exercise such as Pilates or Exercise Rehabilitation. Developing core muscles of your body which are essential to your postural health and wellbeing provide you with the stability essential to everyday movement. The combination of osteopathic treatment and preventative exercise is the perfect way to increase your health, vitality and aid in your recovery process.

NB: Your osteopath will expect to see positive results within 3-6 treatments for common symptoms. However, each individual and each condition is unique so it is important to understand that the treatments required before symptoms improve will vary from person to person.