The primary objective of osteopathic pain management is to develop the patient’s maximum physical, social, psychological and vocational well-being. At Sydney Osteopathic Medicine, pain management is integrated with rehabilitation, which not only focuses on ‘pain relief‘ but amplifies the focus on ‘return to optimal human function’.

Our aim is to reduce or minimize medication dependency and at the same time focus on the development of a positive self concept and the fulfillment of long term goals – many of which may have been limited by the patients experience of pain.

  1. Clarify the diagnosis
  2. Provide pain relief, improve pain control, and eliminate pain
  3. Help the patient to become more comfortably active and return to normal function
  4. Educate patients and reduce the fear of pain and injury
  5. Teach appropriate and efficient body movement and postural awareness
  6. Reduce dependency on medication or frequent physical treatment
  7. Address the general health and well-being of the patient

The strategies and techniques we use to achieve these goals include advice and education, physical and manual therapies such as manipulation of the joints or relaxation techniques for muscles, movement correction, postural education and exercise rehabilitation.

In order to benefit from our experience and expertise in the osteopathic treatment of pain, please call to make an appointment or to speak with one of our practitioners.